Keys to Her Heart

Jewelry is given with a message–intended or not. A client sent me the prototypes for these sweet key pendants and the plan to launch them on Mother’s Day. The copy is meant to speak the words that the gift suggests:

The Keys to Her Heart are Here

Whether she has been your beloved mother for decades or she just gave birth to your first child, one of our Keys to Her Heart pendants will speak volumes about the bond you share this Mother’s Day.

From Your Heart to Hers

Starting at only $39 and handsomely packaged in a fine wood gift box, this Mother’s Day you can present her with a gift from your heart to hers.

Each of the Key pendants—Faith, Hope and Love—are handcrafted by expert metalsmiths in Bali from solid sterling silver, 18K yellow gold accents and melee diamonds. Ornate filigree and designer accents adorn each pendant.

Regularly priced at over $xxx, this special Mother’s Day offer of only $XX ends May 9th, 2010. Don’t delay in unlocking her heart this Mother’s Day–Order Now!

Selling Jewelry Online

If you’re new to product selling, especially on the internet, selling your jewelry at auction places like eBay or Etsy is a good stop gap measure before creating your own online store. This allows you to test your product line before sinking money into an expensive online storefront.  


Choosing a Storefront is well known for their auctions but they also have store fronts for serious product sellers. is specifically for handmade jewelry but the idea is the same. There are fees involved so investigate each option carefully so you don’t have any surprise charges. Both are options for a low start up storefront.


Once you are ready to launch in your own storefront, you will need to conduct some major research into design, pricing, shopping carts, merchant services and marketing. Starting a storefront, even online, is a major undertaking.


Research, Research, Research

Research buying patterns and prices of items similar to the jewelry you plan to sell. Research your competitors as well. How is your store different? Can you state in a simple sentence what makes your jewelry line different?


Invest in Photography AND Copywriting

A picture may be worth a thousand words but search engines can only read text. Use the best photos you can for your jewelry pieces, even if it means reshooting stock photography provided by a wholesaler. Then invest in quality copywriting. An eye-catching headline and detailed product descriptions on your website or auction is crucial to stand out in a crowded niche.


Selling jewelry online has become increasing crowded over the past few years. It takes a specific niche, quality products, succinctly stated value and perservance to succeed online. Let help you!

Sample: Fine Jewelry Product Descriptions

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? Not in online fine jewelry sales! You need compelling, romantic copy to convince your readers your jewelry is as beautiful as pictured. You also need copy to attract the search engine spiders.

The following are some fine jewelry product descriptions for an online jewelry store.

Aquamarine Pear Dangle Necklace


Fit for a princess (but more affordable than royal jewels,) our perfect aquamarine pear dangles from a diamond shape studded with genuine diamonds. The pendant hangs from a delicate chain and secured by a spring clasp.


The setting is 14K white gold. Aquamarine pear measures 6 by 4 mm. 1/6 cttw. diamonds. Length is 16 inches.

Sapphire and Diamond Traditional Anniversary Band


Forty-five years is just too long to wait for this ring. Celebrate your love by presenting her with this traditional sapphire and diamond anniversary band in 14K white gold. The tapered shank rests smoothly on her finger while the sparkling gemstones rise up from their throne of white gold, which compliments their cool tones.


14K white gold. The gemstones total 5/8 cttw. Please specify ring size.

Ruby and Diamond Diversity Anniversary Ring


Commemorate the diversity within your marriage with this charming ruby and diamond anniversary band. The ridged yellow gold setting holds four round diamonds and four square cut natural rubies, alternating them for a unique style and flair.


14K yellow gold. The gemstones total 1/5 cttw. Please specify ring size.

Samples: Costume Jewelry Product Descriptions

Costume jewelry descriptions actually need MORE attention than fine jewelry product descriptions. Buyers need to feel confident that you are selling quality, replica jewelry and not just plastic. The right words can help paint a picture of your beautiful costume jewelry.

Here are some samples of costume jewelry product descriptions:

Long Glass Beaded Necklace

Long enough to wear over a bulky sweater and easy enough to loop into a double strand necklace, you will love these one-of-a-kind vivid necklaces. Triple strands of seed beads are interspersed with larger hand painted beads or baubles—even caging some beads with strands of seed beads.. Available in both fresh leaf green and pumpkin orange, you will love this glass necklace.


Available in orange or green.


Necklace measures 42 inches. (4-5/8 oz.)

Materials: Glass



Cerulean Blue Six-Strand Glass Bead Necklace, Earring and Bracelet Set

 Only the Mediterranean Sea on a cloudless day can rival the brilliance of our vivid blue graduated costume jewelry set. Four strands of translucent blue seed beads rest inches below two brilliant blue twine strands lamp work glass beads. Each bead is hand painted or glass dotted in shades of azure. The matching four strand bracelet also features painted glass beads, crystal clear blue seed beads and a lobster claw clasp. The aqua and cobalt blue earrings dangle from gold tone French wire.


Necklace measures 16-22 inches. (4-3/4 oz.)

Bracelet measures 8 inches. (1-1/2 oz.)

Earrings measure 3 inches. (5/8 oz.)

Materials: Glass

Triple Strand Brown Disk and Knotted Necklace, Earring and Bracelet Set


You can claim you bought this rustic aged bone costume jewelry set while on safari. When your friends notice the hand-knotted triple strand necklace and oval pendants of burnished russet, they won’t question its authenticity. The graduated necklace features a twine wrapped button toggle clasp, as does the matching bracelet. The earrings are held by gold tone French wires and are as light as a whisper.


Necklace measures 21 inches long. (2-5/8 oz.)

Bracelet measures 8 inches. (1-3/8 oz.)

Earrings measure 2 inches. (1/4 oz.)

Materials: Bone

Sample: Jewelry Home Page

The Home Page for a jewelry site–whether fine jewelry or costume jewelry–is crucial. The correct copy needs to be there for the search engine spiders but the ambiance must be geared towards the customers.

I worked closely with this client to craft all of their product descriptions, intro text and home page layout. It resulted in a wonderfully designed and written website.

Sample Category Headers

The online market for fine jewelry is fierce! Writing SEO (search engine optimized) product descriptions is an absolute must! But many online store owners overlook the potential of category headers.

Another area of targeted text, it is ideal food for the search engine spiders and more content for your site. The following is an example of category headers and footers for a fine jewelry client. Half the the text went at the top of the fold, followed by beautiful photography and then capped with more copy.



From Cleopatra to Chris Everett, bracelets have graced the slender wrists of women for ages. Wide and attention getting or simple and understated, bracelets have always been in vogue.


So much can be done with a simple metal bracelet. Polished yellow or white gold can be hammered, fashioned or braided into a variety of styles. A gold bangle bracelet slides loosely up and down the arm like a caress while a cuff bracelet guards the wrist like a night watchman. Add to the mix a sterling silver cuff bracelet or a platinum bangle and the choices become more difficult to make.


Sometimes the bracelet needs a little extra. That is where our gemstone bracelets come in. With sparkling stones sets among gold and platinum, we have an endless choice of lovely bracelets with that something special. From an emerald and diamond bangle bracelet to a ruby and diamond gold tennis bracelet, we carry an extensive line of lovely gemstone bracelets, cuffs and bangles.


The quintessential bracelet is, of course, the tennis bracelet. Ever since Chris Everett lost hers in the middle of a 1987 tennis match, women have clamored for this simple, elegant and extravagant jewelry piece. Originally called a line bracelet, a row of uniform diamonds is lined up and encircles the wrist with sparkling stones.


So whether it is a pearl bracelet, a diamond tennis bracelet, a golden bangle or a sapphire bracelet that you are searching for, you needn’t look any further. It is all here at XXXX Gemstones.





A woman requires a wardrobe of essential earrings. Every jewelry box or jewelry case calls out for standard earrings that no woman can be without: a simple gold hoop earring, a modest diamond stud earring, a medium silver or platinum post earring with a drop dangle and a single pearl earring set. But she requires even more than that.


Wide gold chandelier earrings set off her little black dress. A set of earrings in her birth stone makes a lovely birthday gift. An extravagant set of Moissanite earrings lets her smile demurely when asked, “Are those real?” And a variety of formed gold, silver, white gold and platinum earrings call out to her, enticing her with their beauty and practicality.


Ever jewelry wardrobe requires some, if not all, of these versatile earring choices. A diamond stud earring or simple gold hoop will be worn every day. While a set of princess cut diamond stud earrings or a fall of golden loops will be the inspired choice for a special evening.


Earrings have the advantage of only being noticed when you want them to be. Tuck a strand of hair behind your ear or let the light fall on your tilted head and suddenly your earrings come to life. Gold earrings shimmer and shine while diamonds throw out light with amazing effects.


XXX Gemstones has a plethora of eye catching earrings. From pearl studs to extensive diamond dangle earrings, you will find the earring set that calls out to you.

Sample: Catalog Production

I have been working in fine and costume jewelry since 1988. My first job out of college was as a Marketing Manager at a jewelry wholesaler who annually released a mammoth catalog. My job was to gather the jewelry pieces, lay them out, supervise the photography, manage the images, layout and typeset the pages and manage the preprint duties.

The end result was a gorgeous, tangible full color printed catalog. I still love to work with catalog companies–both in and out of the jewelry industry. I am happy to help with any portion of your jewelry print needs as well as your online catalogs. There is nothing prettier than a page full of beautiful baubles and treasures!

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